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Sex dolls are more and more popular these days. Real Sex Dolls are not taboo anymore, this is a real legit way to fulfilling your extreme sexual desire with unique and safe experience. The Sex Dolls’customers are common guys, men or women, couple or single, it can be your friend, your neighbor or even your woman colleague at the office, everybody is susceptible to have one now.

With our experience, we know that couples buy Sex Dolls as well as singletons, after all, this a good way to introduce a new partner and to spicy your sex experience with no emotions or without cheating. With a Sex Dolls you can focus on the thing that matter the most: Realize your sexual fantasy, nobody will judge or ask you anything, you will hurt nobody by doing what you love to do, this is one of the main love doll’s benefits. Real Sex dolls are made for everybody, all kinds of dolls are available, slim or fat, big ass or small boobs, Asian or White, everything is possible, you will be able to achieve your sexual desire you were dreaming about, only the sky is the limit with a Sex doll.

Right now the internet is hot about sex dolls, if you look at news, real sex dolls are everywhere, you can easily find many articles about it. A common story is an old couple who doesn’t have the same sexual desire as the wedding day anymore , they still love each other, but they are in another kind of relationships, they have bought a real sex doll and now the husband can achieve his sexual desire without hurting his wife’s feeling. You will be able to find tons of articles and quotes about sex dolls that will, for sure, make you want to have one at home!


After several years of experience, we have formed strong partnerships with the best real sex dolls factories in China that’s allowed us to have a very competitive price. Our main goal is to realize your desire, for that we have a range of more than 400 different high quality TPE dolls. We work with 6 official brands : Climax Doll, JY Doll, SM Doll, SY Doll, YL Doll, WM Doll, They are the must-have brands for the sex dolls market that offers impressive premium high quality at an affordable price.

The TPE material is used for a large part of the love doll market, it’s a 100% hypoallergenic material that represents no danger to health and skin and offers a very good and realistic sensation. Our real sex dolls are 100% customizable so that each client has a unique TPE doll that offers an unforgettable experience. Our team will ensure the quality of your sex doll and the respect your customization details on purpose to let you have the most perfect real sex doll possible.


With PimpMyDolls you don’t have to do anything, we handle all the process of your order from the production to the delivery of your real sex doll. Once you have selected your love doll, added all the customisation among our large choice of heads, wigs, eyes ect .. and clicked to the checkout page, you will be able to pay via the most secure payment system : PayPal, you can also simply use your credit/debit card via PayPal without needing to create an account. Shipping is free at pimpmydolls with no hidden fees, pimpmydolls will also not appear on your bank statement, which is good if you want to stay discreet.

After complete the payment, you will receive a confirmation email that will recap you all the details of your sex doll. We will also receive your order info, which will allow us to contact the sex dolls’s factory to start the production of your TPE Doll. After an average of 10 days your real sex doll will be ready to ship. All the real dolls that we offer on pimpmydolls are unique and made in premium high quality TPE material. For each order we need to produce it as each doll is unique, we will personally check the quality and the details of your new TPE sex doll, our duty is to make everything perfect for you, this is one of our main goals. In purpose to ensure that we have well understood you needed, we will send you via email a photo of your real sex doll before shipment.

Once your sex doll is ready, we will use the best courier companies just, like, DHL, FedEx or UPS, to ship it. You will receive via email, your tracking code which will allow you to check the location in real time of your sex doll. Mostly your order will be delivered in 5-10 days in a neutral and discreet package. Again, service matter at pimpmydolls, we will also follow your order and send you an email upon delivery, if you have any question during the process or at reception, you can directly contact us, we will be glad to answer you.
The last step is to enjoy some private and intense sexual time with your real sex doll, don’t forget to leave us a feedback.

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