Accessory FAQ


Fixed or Removable Vagina ?
All our sex doll above 100 cm offer the choice of either an integrated or an insert vagina. Some of our customers find that the integrated vagina is more visually realistic. Such difference however is marked only if the real doll is kept with her legs wide open; little or no difference is found if the sex doll is kept with her legs closed.

Most of our customers choose the insert vagina, easier to clean.
As for the quality of the sexual experience, in general both vaginas satisfy our customers. However a few clients who have tried both vaginas think that the integrated vagina is ultimately more comfortable.

With or Without Standing Foot?
Most sex dolls in our catalog offer now the option ‘standing foot’. The modification consists in the reinforcement of the foot skeleton and the insertion of three studs to ensure stability. The doll can stand on her own, barefoot or wearing flat shoes. High-heel shoes are not recommended.

The standing foot is not bigger than the regular foor, The ankle has been redesigned and the bottom of the foot reinforced. It is flat at 90 degrees and can bend at the ankle downward to 150 degrees. The foot cannot move upward, or side to side.

How to attach and fix a sex doll head to the body?
In this video we explain how to screw and attach the head to the body. Many customers ask us about this when they receive their sex dolls. To use the suspension hook, you just need to detach the head and screw the threaded piece so you can use the hook. If you want to buy any additional heads fell free to contact us.