How To Recognise a Fake Sex Doll


As a few Chinese real doll brands have attained international success, a number of factories in China have started to unashamedly copy their designs and release counterfeit copies. As a result, the market has been flooded with cheap, low quality fakes sold on e-shops. The ultimate loser here is the final customer, who receives a doll that doesn’t meet his expectations in terms of quality and design.

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So, what are the differences between an authentic and a fake sex doll?
The production of a fake sex doll is less than 24 hours, the fake love doll smell strongly chemical product, the doll also have a shorter life of the TPE. Tendency to quickly rip, especially around the sexual areas.
However an authentic quality-brand doll is 100% identical to the pictures, have durable TPE quality, solid articulated metal skeleton, very detailed sexual areas and the production take about 1-3 weeks.

We, at Pimp My Dolls, are authorized reseller of all brands available in our catalog.

If you have any question feel free to contact us.

Last but not least, enjoy sex with your real doll!