Pimp My Dolls Top Five: Asian Real Sex Dolls

Pimp My Dolls Top Five: Asian Real Sex Dolls
22nd December 2018 Pimp My Dolls
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One of the main reason people purchase a sex doll is that you can customize it as wished. This part is very important and impressive, the showed options are unbelievable, from wigs to eyes, to vagina hair to nail color. High-quality sex dolls offer realism and unprecedented love experience.

Asian sex dolls are very popular, let’s face it, Asian women are attractive, most of the western guys would love to hang out with a Chinese or Japanese girl. Thanks to the customization options and the realism you can buy an Asian sex doll and create it as dreamed.

Pimp My Dolls break out, for you, the top 5, high-quality TPE Made Asian sex dolls on the market, if you want to check all our Asian love doll, click here.

5. Jae-Hwa The Tall Asian Sex Doll 168CM C-Cup

For Jae-Hwa it’s a first time, the first time in a guy’s room. This tall teen from Asia is ready to make the big move! For that, Jae-Hwa is looking for a soft but experienced man. If you like to share your sex knowledge you are in the right place.

4. Prew The Sleeping Sex Doll From Asia 146CM

Please don’t make any noise, Prew is sleeping! From Asia, this cute young 21-year-old sexy girl spends most of her time in bed. Her dream is not sweet, but dirty, her dream is about men taking her in both anal and vagina. She doesn’t mind to be touched or having sex during her sleep time!

3. Shan Asian Sex Doll So Cute 140CM C-Cup

Shan is cute, sexy, and Virgin! When she lived in China, she only had high school boyfriends and never had sex with them as her parents didn’t allow Shan to hang out at night. Now she is 21, and it’s an all different story, Shan is waiting for one thing, and one thing only: get pounded by you!

2. Janey Tall Asian Maid Real Sex Doll 170CM

With Janey, you can satisfy two fantasies. 1. Get deep sex with your maid. 2. Enjoy intense love moment with an original Asian. Janey is tall and she is not shy. This D-cup slut will do everything you want, she has a huge ass which is not common for Asian girls.

1. Akira Japanese Sex Doll 165CM C-Cup

Akira is from Japan, she traveled all over the world to get news sex experiences, however, Akira has not found the right partner yet. Are you Willing to travel to Japan? with Akira no need! She has all the experience that will make you want to play further with her. Like most of the Asian girl, she is naughty and shyless.

This is our Asian sex dolls top five. Because we know that each person is different, we offer also many love dolls that aren’t’ from Asia. All our sex dolls are high quality and customizable. You can check all our catalog by clicking here.

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