What Are The Benefits Of A Love Doll Torso?

What Are The Benefits Of A Love Doll Torso?
21st December 2018 Pimp My Dolls
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Love dolls are amazing, it’s up to your imagination to create your perfect sex doll. Each real dolls are customizable, you can select wigs, eyes color, head type and many more. But why in this case adopting a torso instead of a full body sex doll?
PimpMyDolls has listed all the benefits of a love doll torso.

If you are new to love doll, torsos are ideal

We wrote an article about how love dolls will become more and more popular in the future, therefore many new people are willing to purchase sex dolls. Before becoming a smiling love doll owner, you might have some reservation about the realism, the feeling, and the experience overall. Torsos love dolls can be a perfect start for you, it will allow you to enter into this extraordinary world step by steps without going ahead to fast. You will enjoy even more your new love dolls if you had a torso adventure before.

 You can store/hide it almost everywhere

Love dolls are life-size products, a 160CM sex doll can be hard to hide. If for some reason you invite in your house or apartment visitors that you don’t need them to know that you are a love doll follower it can problematic to cover it. Maybe also, after practice, you prefer to store your love doll someplace. A life-size doll can use a lot of space in your home. A torso is much shorter, it will be more convenient for you to store it everywhere, it is also way lighter, a typical doll can weigh more than 30KG, a torso is generally under 25KG.

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It’s Less Expensive With The Same Quality

It has a price to purchase a high-quality premium love doll. Even if the realism is astounding, and most of the users are satisfied with it, a love doll cost more than 1300 USD, some models can be up to 2000 USD, which is a lot of money for most of the people. The price of a love doll match totally with the product, when you have amazing quality, customizable options, life-size products, and exceptional experience it’s worth the money. Torsos bring the same kind of experience at a more affordable price, the quality is exactly the same as a typical love doll, you can also customize each part of your torso. But because it is smaller and lighter without legs, the price is affordable and it’s normal, it’s a good deal for people who can’t afford a 2000 USD love doll.

Love Dolls Torsos are as good as a classic sex doll, it depends on the utilization, your experience, budget and needed. Torsos are also made in high-quality TPE materials which bring the same intense sensation as a real doll.

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If you think we forgot some benefits or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and share the post.

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